Savoir-faire : “think differently”

Hervé Kerlann’s work is a reflection of the château’s name, “au bord”, literally meaning “on the edge or on the side”. Indeed, the work of this winemaker is far from middle-of-the-road as it consists of making the best use of his resources and boldly stepping outside the somewhat out-dated “old world” classification system.

As a wine-grower, Hervé owns and works 6 hectares of vineyards. As is often the case in Burgundy, the land is divided into several small parcels. It includes 3 hectares of vineyards at Château de Laborde and 3 hectares of regional appellations primarily in the villages of Volnay and Santenay.

Hervé Kerlann is also a “négociant-éleveur”, buying in grapes that he carefully vinifies and ages. It is during this important stage in the winemaking process that each wine (Gevrey-Chambertin, Chambolle Musigny, etc.) acquires its unique character.

From 2016, vinification and ageing will be carried out on the same premises, in the new winemaking facility at Château de Laborde. This is yet another stage in the revival of this prestigious château’s winemaking history.

Whether “Terroir” or “Innovative”  wines, pleasure above all!

What makes Hervé Kerlann’s business so exciting is his commitment to creating accessible and adventurous Burgundy wines, rather than being confined by traditions which, despite their positive side, can be stifling.

This is reflected in the dual range of wines that he produces: “terroir-inspired” wines and “innovative” wines. Both are the result of Hervé’s great dedication and care, and of his desire to create the greatest drinking pleasure.

Like all of the UNESCO classified climats of Burgundy, his “terroir-inspired” wines are a personal interpretation of a soil, a single varietal grape and a vintage. From Chablis to Mâcon, Gevrey-Chambertin to Chambolle-Musigny, man is at the service of his terroir and the respect of this terroir is at the core of his approach.

His vins d’audace (“innovative wines”) are made, in part, from vines that are not, or no longer, classified as AOP, which does not make them any less interesting. On the contrary! Working both in the vineyards and in the cellars, Hervé cares to translate simple grapes into pure emotion through his wines. Pleasure, above all.

The Kerlann approach … going sideways!

Hervé Kerlann’s personality and international background show through in his wines. It comes as no surprise that these have attracted drinkers from around the world, looking to break away from tradition or seeking high-quality wines at affordable prices.

Audacity is a virtue and the challenge constant, and it may mean having to take different directions in order to achieve the desired objective.

“Going sideways” as he puts it!

The iconic Cuvée K

Cuvée K was one of the first wines to establish Hervé Kerlann’s standing, then his reputation, as a pioneer.

As with all of his “innovative” wines, Cuvée K is above all about experiencing intense emotion.


Enjoyment at the heart of Hervé Kerlann’s wines

Hervé Kerlann’s Burgundy is diverse, open and gourmet ! His wines work just as well whether enjoyed with traditional French cuisine, with a family meal in Asia, in a trendy bar in New York or at an improvised picnic in the countryside surrounding the château.

Through his wines, Hervé seems to deliver the message “Let’s be happy and enjoy the moment”. A philosophy shared with many, if we consider the selling success of his wines, especially and paradoxically abroad.

For some people, Hervé’s wines are already no longer a secret.